Saving Your Smile: Guarding Against Gum Disease Risk Factors

If you haven’t done so already, set forth and establish plans to help improve your smile in the event that gum disease is present. Gum disease is often preventable because numerous steps can be taken to help limit the risks and risk factors of the disease. Changes in your cleaning habits, your lifestyle choices, your diet can all play a role in the prevention of gum disease. Be aware of the following risk factors:

– If you are routinely taking medications and are experiencing a lack of saliva in your mouth, it may be linked to a side effect known as dry mouth. Furthermore, dry mouth is a known risk factor for gum disease.
– Diabetes has been linked to gum disease as well as many other infectious diseases.
– Hormonal changes within individuals, especially with young women and girls, are known to increase your risk for gum disease.
– Several bad habits in your life can become significant risk factors for gum disease. This includes smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, or using drugs.
– If you do not frequently visit your dentist, you will be at an increased risk for several health ailments including gum disease. Visit your dentist for routine checkups so they can examine your mouth and determine if any damage is occurring.
– Pregnancy, as well as genetic predispositions, are both risk factors for gum disease.
– It is important to make sure you’re eating healthy, as a lack of proper nutrition can increase your risk for gum disease.

Now is the best time to visit the office of Belmar Smiles for help treating gum disease. Dr. Christina Sehy VerSchave and our team at our office in Lakewood, Colorado, can be reached by calling us at 303-935-3574.

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