Saliva – Your Mouth’s “Water of Life”

Something you may take for granted in your mouth is saliva. Once you realize its critical role in your health and comfort, you may never take it for granted again.

Saliva is a slightly alkaline secretion form your salivary glands that is 99% water. Saliva’s three main functions are protection of the tooth structure, lubrication of tissue in speaking, and facilitation of swallowing food.

Have you ever tried giving a speech when your mouth is dry?  Saliva lubricates the oral tissues,  thereby allowing smooth speech function.

Saliva protects your teeth against cavities though its ability to dilute and cleat dietary carbohydrates, neutralize and buffer plaque acids, and provide ions for remineralization  of enamel. Saliva coats your teeth with protective proteins and helps the breakdown of starches.

Saliva is a natural cavity antidote. fluoride and stimulated saliva work together to protect teeth against dental caries. you can stimulate the flow of your saliva immediately after a meal by chewing sugar-free gum. you can also use ADA-accepted artificial salivas to help moisten and lubricate oral soft tissues.

If your mouth is chronically dry, talk to the team at Belmar Smiles. We can be reached at 303-935-3574 or [email protected]. our office is located at 325 S. Teller St., Suite 290, Lakewood, CO 80226. we can identify possible problems or disorders and take steps to keep your mouth’s “water of life” flowing.

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