Breaking All Myths about Dentures

Dentures have always had a wide collection of myths and misconceptions. Unfortunately some of these misconceptions have prevented many individuals from reaching their goal of having healthy teeth.

And in reality, those who have properly fitted dentures and take regular care of them are proud of their smile. You deserve the same feeling and we’re prepared to disprove some of these myths that may be preventing you from having a beautiful smile.

Myth #1: “Getting dentures is extremely painful”

Truth: Unless your last dentist appointment was in 1942, you probably won’t experience very much pain. The technology in dental care has improved significantly since then and most patients who receive dentures report they feel less pain than they originally anticipated.

Myth #2: “Dentures equal teeth”

Truth: Your dentures are a replacement for your existing teeth, meaning they are false teeth. Your chewing ability will only be around 20% of what real teeth can do. You also may need to adjust your eating habits; there will be certain foods your dentures won’t be able to handle.

Myth #3: “Dentures can last forever”

Truth: Your dentures, though made from sturdy materials, over time will need to be relined or remade due to normal wear. If you receive your dentures at a young age, keep in mind that over time your mouth and jaw will change naturally. Make sure you visit your dentist regularly for proper fitting and adjustments.

Even with all of the myths out there, nothing should prevent you from having a beautiful, healthy mouth. Please contact our offices today to schedule an appointment or find out more about our denture options by calling 303-935-3574.

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