What is Tooth Enamel Loss?

Your tooth enamel is the tough outer shell of each tooth. It’s very important for the health and strength of your smile, which is why it’s important to keep it in tip-top shape. Sadly, there are dental issues, like tooth enamel loss, that can compromise the health and function of the tooth enamel, leaving your smile to pay the consequences. To help you know more about tooth enamel loss, our dentist, Dr. Christina Sehy VerSchave, has some information for you.

Causes of enamel loss
The most common causes of enamel loss are:

-Enamel erosion
-Tooth damage
-Certain medications

Enamel erosion occurs when the teeth are overexposed to acidic foods and drinks and tooth damage occurs when you suffer a blow to the face or use your teeth as tools. These things usually result in a chip or crack in the enamel. Certain medications can affect the enamel because it helps the enamel erosion process.

Repair techniques for enamel loss
If your tooth is extremely damaged, it will likely need a dental bonding treatment or a dental crown. The bonding treatment involves covering and protecting the enamel with a dental resin material, shaping the resin, and then hardening it. The dental crown treatment will involve trimming the enamel, making a customized dental crown, and then replacing the tooth enamel with the dental crown by using a special dental cement.

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