The Importance of Brushing

What happens when you skip brushing?

It might not seem like a big deal if you fall asleep before brushing your teeth from time to time or if you sacrifice brushing your teeth in order to be on time for work in the morning. However, each time you don’t brush your teeth allows more plaque to build up on your teeth. Failing to brush twice a day is providing an opportunity for plaque to start forming cavities in your teeth.

If you’ve ever felt a thin film on your teeth, or felt like they are slightly sticky or fuzzy feeling, this is a sign of plaque attacking your teeth. Not only does plaque turn into tartar and cause cavities, but it can also cause inflammation and disease in your gums. Brushing for two minutes twice a day can help keep bacteria and plaque at bay, leading to many health benefits. Not only will you be less at risk of cavities, but it can keep your breath fresher, leave your mouth feeling cleaner, and make your smile shine brighter.

Skipping brushing one time is not going to doom you to a mouthful of cavities, but the more you forget, the more the plaque builds up. Try not to skip brushing if at all possible. If you don’t have access to a toothbrush or toothpaste, chewing sugar free gum can be better than nothing; but remember that chewing gum, using mouthwash, or popping a breath mint is not a substitute for brushing,

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