Super Smiles: Composite Fillings

Are you aware of your options if you should ever suffer from a cavity? Have you ever suffered from them due to issues within your tooth enamel? If your tooth enamel is worn away and a hole is present, this is what is known as a cavity. Typically, this is caused by plaque buildup in your mouth which produces and converts substances into harmful acids that will chew through your tooth enamel. In order to effectively prevent cavities, dental erosion prevention treatments will be needed. However, if a cavity is already present, a composite dental filling will be needed to prevent the cavity from progressing any further.

Are you looking for a highly effective tooth restoration treatment that can fill in cavities while at the same time not stand out? Are you looking for a dental filling that is mercury-free and preventive to tooth fracture? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a composite dental filling could be in your future. Composite fillings are tooth-colored in appearance and designed to blend in with a natural smile while providing an additional layer of protection by filling in cavities that may have occurred. Dental fillings are not always effective if the cavity is extremely small, but composite fillings buck the trend by fixing even the smallest of cavities. Composite fillings are even preventative to leakage between the filling and the tooth itself. As an added layer of protection, they can easily last up to a decade and can be replaced by simply applying a new layer over the top the old filling.

Are you attracted to the idea of composite fillings in Lakewood, Colorado? If so, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christina Sehy VerSchave at our dental office by calling us at 303-935-3574. Belmar Smiles looks forward to enhancing your smile with composite fillings.

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